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OPI at 2011 Peace and Justice Studies Association Conference

OPI Board of Directors members Tom Hastings, Riya Kaphle, Terri Shofner, Rhea DuMont, Patrick Hiller and Paloma Ayala Vela attended the 2011 annual conference of the Peace and Justice Studies Association and the Gandhi King Conference in Memphis, TN.

Tom Hastings and Rhea DuMont chaired the session ‘New Voices: Expertise from the margins’, a panel which discussed a forthcoming book that expands the field of Peace and Conflict intentionally more in the direction of non-state actors, capacity builders, indigenous methods of conflict management, and strategic nonviolent civil society asymmetric struggle. Among others, Terri Shofner, Patrick Hiller and Paloma Ayala were discussants on their respective chapters.