OPI De-escalation and Bystander Intervention Training the Trainers

The trainers of the Oregon Peace Institute offer a training in de-escalation and another in bystander intervention. This training may be operationalized at the training-the-trainer level. Trainers receive electronic and written curricula, including simulation instructions.

De-escalation curricula begins with the CLARA method, an approach to conflict/emotion de-escalation developed first by Love Makes a Family and later enhanced by Nonviolent Peaceforce. These methods are standard for national and international nongovernmental organizations who work in conflict zones.

Bystander intervention curricula includes realistic synthesis of interrupting oppression and conflict communication methods that are proven techniques to soften or end an oppressive targeting attack without prompting a transfer of attack onto the intervenor. While there are never guarantees, it is crucial to instill the prime directive, Create no new victims, even as the oppressive attacker loses focus and interest. This synthesis interrupts oppression without simply refocusing the attacker upon the interrupter.

Please see free and downloadable BYSTANDER INTERVENTION CURRICULUM assembled by Jennifer Tenorio.

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