Mission Statement:

To promote and make available education and resources for peace and nonviolent conflict resolution in individual, community, national, global and environmental contexts. We seek the widest possible collaboration and cooperation with others to achieve our purpose.

Oregon Peace Institute

Current Projects:

PeaceVoice – a project of the Oregon Peace Institute, is a source for thoughtful articles on the world today by peace professionals, including Peace and Conflict Studies educators, public peace institute intellectuals, agency officials, and high-level human rights and advocacy organizations. We offer public peace intellectuals the opportunity write for and talk to mainstream audiences, and the opportunity for mainstream audiences to hear from those who are so often excluded from public discourse.  PeaceVoice promotes positive peace and a nonviolent civil society capable of making wise decisions influenced by balanced perspectives in the media.

PeaceVoiceTVa collaborative effort between PeaceVoice and The War Prevention Initiative, offers positive peace (peace and justice by peaceable means) scholarly content in a brief format (less than three minutes). These commentaries are by peace and social justice professionals, including scholars and professional advocates in the fields of conflict analysis and transformation. These unique teaching resources are intended as supplementary curriculum material for peace educators, and as vital information for use by activists and public policy makers.

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