Refusing to Serve on OPI Presents!

Refusing to Serve: Acts of Conscience and Stories of Resistance in Israel/Palestine and Iraq

July 9, 2006 on OPI presents!:  Refusing to Serve I – Joseph Hatcher. Joe served in Ad Dawr, Iraq from February 2004 until March 2005 with the 1st Infantry Division. He is an active member of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

July 16, 2006 on OPI Presents!:  Refusing to Serve II – Dan Tsahor, a founding member of the new Israeli-Palestinian peace group “Combatants for Peace” formed by
former Palestinian fighters and soldiers from the Israeli army. Dan Tsahor is a former Israeli soldier in the Nahal infantry regiment. Tsahor refused to serve in the occupied Palestinian Territory and was imprisoned in 2003.