Peace on Parade

In 2003 the McKenzie River Gathering Foundation funded Peace On Parade. Teams from OPI went to seven K-12 schools located throughout the Portland metro area, where OPI staff, volunteers, and representatives from other peace and cultural organizations worked with students from different ethnicities to discuss current peace issues and brainstorm peace ideas that could be used for artwork and murals. The students then created murals based on their reflections. The murals and artwork were displayed at the students’ schools, and at several public locations.

Boise Eliot Multicultural Fair.
Children and adults alike participated in making a peace mural at this multicultural fair. Participants wrote phrases and drew pictures focusing on what peace means to them. OPI Volunteer Todd, from the Peace Encampment, assisted in this event.

Marysville Elementary School.
Approximately 10 girls participated in making this peace mural. The event started with a brainstorming session about what the girls thought of when they thought about peace. All girls participated in a lively discussion about what peace means to them, with ideas such as no war, flowers, and hippies. They then each separately dews on the mural, with a beautiful mural resulting. An impromptu geography lesson resulted with us getting out a map and locating Iraq. OPI volunteer, Karen, assisted in this event.

Hillsboro Boys and Girls Club.
Approximately 25 youth participated in making two peace murals. The Art Director for the organization also participated in inspiring the kids.

Binnsmead Middle School.
Four different classes, with over 60 students, participated in this event. The teachers at Binnsmead were very supportive and the event was set up in the cafeteria, with students taking the last two class periods to participate in the event. Students were separated into groups of five or six and they were encouraged to come up with an idea collaboratively to work on for the mural. Eleven murals were created. This was a very dynamic afternoon with students from all different ethnicities working together. It was amazing how well the students worked together. The murals will eventually be displayed around the school. OPI Volunteers Karen, Joe and Glen assisted at the event.

Parkrose Middle School.
Four girls participated in making a peace mural. They were part of an after school girls group led by Kate Allen of Family Works. Despite the fact that few girls were present, they were able to work very collaboratively on the mural. Kate and her intern, Rachel from PSU, also participated in making the mural.

West Linn High School.
Justin Fisher and Dan Dwyer participated in making a peace mural. Justin needed volunteer credit to graduate from high school and contacted OPI to see what he could do. He assisted in publicizing the May 30th event and made a very creative mural.

NW Service Academy.
Students from the NW Service Academy made two peace murals. A student, Baker, contacted OPI because he needed volunteer credit and he decided to participate by creating a mural. He got his friends involved and two wonderful murals resulted.

Terry Shrunk Plaza.
Members of the Portland community toured the display of peace murals at Terry Shrunk Plaza. OPI volunteer Karen and members of the Peace Encampment helped set up the event. Although not a huge turn out, the event served as a small bridge between the police and the peace encampment.

Annalisa Bandalera developed the idea for this project and Jodie Brauer put it into motion. Many great contacts were made for OPI as a result of this project, including Girls Initiative Network, Family Works, Outside In, Roosevelt High School, Marshall High School Whitaker Rice, Youth Opportunity Center, as well as the schools and groups participating directly in the project.